The Snake and Animal Park has been a favourite to our younger generations for many years. We provide an educational experience for the young and old visiting our park. The Park provides special programmes for the groups in an educational yet natural experience.

Please view our short video explaining the experience one can get when visiting the Snake and Animal Park.

Schools visiting the Park

This is where your school comes to visit the animals at their home at Hartbeespoort Dam Snake & Animal Park.

On arrival, your group will be escorted to the arena where they will watch an informative and entertaining snake and seal demonstration (approx. ½ hour).

After the demonstration, the group could go on a ferry ride (approx. ½ hour) if booked, afterwards the children will experience an exciting guided walk around the Park.

Worksheets for your group can be obtained from the ticket officer.


We are offering the special ‘hands-on’ programme at the park.

The programme takes approximately ¾ hour and takes place in a private area. A short interesting talk is given on each animal (4 species of animals). The animals are then shown to the children.

The trusted success of this has made it a firm favourite with schools, thereby offering children the compelling experience (many for the first time in their lives) of close contact with creatures from the wild.

Information and worksheets on the animals used can be provided.

Venue for graduation or farewell

We offer an air-conditioned venue where you will be able to have your graduation or farewell at the Park.

We offer tables, chairs, a PA system and inside restrooms. After the function, you will be able to have a guided walk around the park and finish it off with a ferryboat ride.

Feel free to download our school brochure for your convenience here.

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